Jahanpanah – Creative & Digital Campaign

Marketing Challenge:

Jahanpanah, a 125-year-old brand, had been confined to the city of  Hyderabad for too long. It needed a marketing campaign to set foot into the national market, and do that in style!


The younger generation is attracted by the glamour and glitz of big events, and look up to stars who are part of such extravagance.


For a brand like Jahanpanah, one that is a big name in a specific region, it requires a special platform for its launch into the national market. This opportunity presented itself in the form of IPL. Jahanpanah sponsored their home team Sunrisers Hyderabad and made their way into national media. We decided to match the glamour of the IPL festival and conceptualized an array of contests and posts for social media audiences across the country.  ‘Jahanpanah of the Day’ was a super-hit social media contest that we put together where the audience could predict the Man of the Match for a particular game and win special prizes.

Creatives were designed every day to promote the contest. Promo videos featuring players from the team were shot and promoted on social media.


Remote servicing – Jahanpanah helped unlock our potential to manage and successfully deliver a client’s needs from another city. Despite the lack of  face-to-face contact, there were absolutely no hitches in the entire process
Social Media success – The social media campaign ‘Jahanpanah of the Day’  became a splendid hit among the audience. We saw tremendous footfall on the page, interactions from consumers, mentions of the brand name and the contest, requests for online orders and instant response in the form of comments and likes.
Creative challenge – Creating posts every day to promote a single contest encouraged us to push the boundaries of our creativity and churn out new ideas every day. The came as a test to our talent and we’re happy and proud that we aced it!
Simple ideas, big impact – Most of the ideas for this campaign were simple and relatable to all types of audience. It did not burn a hole in the client’s pocket and yet it had a huge impact. The results of the campaign were more than encouraging. This reinforced our belief that any idea that stems from a strong insight is the most important requirement for a successful campaign.

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