Lactel Sshup – School Activation

Marketing Challenge:

Deliver a successful launch and mass reach for Sshup in India. Their official launch where they sampled the product to students of 600+  schools was a failure as neither did it bring brand association nor brand recall.


Children love chocolates and parents have a tough time saying NO to their kids every day as they worry about tooth decay, sugar content, etc.


A vanilla sampling activity dint work for Sshup, so we decided to do school contact programs with a  professional nutritionist – a BMI activity. The recommendations of the nutritionist were sent out to the parents thus bringing the brand to their attention as well. While the nutritionist would do a check of a student our promoters engaged with the rest of the class to tell them it was a condensed milk chocolate which the children had  to sssshhhup and have. Games, stories, and fun tasks helped register the brand in their minds. We also did placements in few school canteens thus enabling the brand to not only market to their TG but also ensure continuous sales.

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